Crisis Prevention

The keyword: ANTICIPATION.

Analyse and diagnose your potential crisis threats.

Using its proprietary tools and protocols, Ker-Meur helps you in identifying risks:

  • Staff risks (accident – safety risks in risky countries),
  • Defection of key partners (subcontractors, suppliers, key people),
  • Linked to unfair competition and malevolence,
  • Linked to natural disasters.

Define your Business Continuity Procedures (BCP):

  • Once the risks are identified and their impact assessed on your business, Ker-Meur offers its expertise to develop, in conjunction with the departments concerned, response procedures and prevention of these risks. 
  • For example: prepare a member of your staff to perform a mission in a high-risk area (risk information, warning procedures, procedures to ensure rapid and effective medical intervention, links with public authorities and diplomatic representations).